Wingtip – Bird Card & Rule Adjustments

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There are fewer suggestions for adjustments for the rest of the game.

Bird Card 5A take 2

People find the Bird cards themselves to be fairly clear. The first main adjustment was to simplify the text for drawing another Bird. The mechanic is explained in the Rules, so those 3 lines have been replaced with 2 words and an Icon.

The second adjustment was to do with the layout. It makes more sense to reroll a die on a 1 or a 6. It was suggested the Bonus space be moved to the start or the end of the card, rather than the number 3 spot. I think the writing is better on the top row, so 1st position it is. We will see how this goes when sliding a second card under the first, at the start of the second Round, as we’ll now be doing it on the opposite side.

The final suggestions have been about balance of the individual birds, and adjustments on them will be on going.

Rules & Game Play

Placing a cube on a Player Board space when you play a bird, has the unwanted effect of obscuring the words on the bonus spaces. You really only need to know how many spaces on each row are occupied. So, we will start the game with a cube on the coloured diamond on the first space of each row, and move it forward each time you place a bird. The scoring pad is a good double check to see which spaces on your board have birds on them.

The only real game play adjustment suggested, was regarding the ability to have individual bonuses. In the first draft, there were only 2 birds of the 70, that gave an extra bonus. It was suggested that it should be readily available to all players, which does seem fairer. The idea is that the first time you draw a new card, you gain the bonus on that card as an individual bonus to score at the end of the game. The Score pad has been updated, and we’ll look at changing the bonuses on those 2 bird spaces.

Wingtip Score Card Take 2

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