Charterstone Hints & Tips – Game 10

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**This post is an aid for playing a Charterstone Campaign, and is meant to be read after you have played Game 9 but before you play Game 10. In it I may talk candidly about things revealed in the first 9 Games. You have been warned.**

End of Game 9

Game 9 of most Charterstone Campaigns are usually quite the hurried affair, with the turns moving at a pretty brisk pace. At least for the first hour or so. If the game only lasts about this long, it’s possible everyone will have achieved Glory. If not, all but one Player will be filling in another star on their Charter Chest. And then some interesting developments will be revealed for Game 10.

Guidepost Game 10

Charterstone Guidepost Game 10

The Guidepost Goal is to have the most Minions in your personal supply at the end of the game. This will include the ones you have at the start of the game, and any you can gain during play. If you are not concerned about hoarding your Minions for the Guidepost Goal, you can still trade them in at the Quota Track, or at any Building that has a Minion as a cost.

Game 10 Setup

During Setup, remove your Minions from your Charter Chest, and select an extra one if you have completed that row of Glory. It is possible to start the game with 5 Minions in your personal supply.

Charterstone Temp Rule Game 10

If any Minions have been revealed for the first time with these temporary rules, you can read my thoughts on them here. These will not be particularly helpful during Game 10, as Minions cannot be used this game.

After the initial setup, count how many Minions remain in the general supply. There will, at a minimum, be 6, and possibly the 12 or 18 required to grab an extra Location Card or two. Shuffle the Location Cards and grab how many you need.

Charterstone Location Card 1

Place a random Minion on all the spaces in the highlighted plots (including Sky Islands) for each Location Card you have drawn. Edit: If any of these plots has no Building, then that Minion will remain there during this game, and you will be unable to collect it. You will also be unable to construct a Building there, because of the Minion that is on that plot. Therefore, you might want to avoid leaving any blank Plots on display during the Game Setup. Jamey Stegmaier has clarified Minions are only to be placed on Buildings. If the highlighted Plot does not contain a Building, then leave that Minion in the General Supply.

Gaining Minions

Any Minions in the general supply can be recruited by the use of Buildings in the usual way, including Buildings that award a Minion when Income triggers.

The Minions that have been placed on Buildings during Setup, can only be gained when you place a worker there, by spending an Influence to retrieve the Minion. To be clear, you must have the resources to be able to pay the necessary cost, AND if the Building in question opens a Crate or constructs a Building, you must have the required Crate or Building card.

The Coach
Charterstone Coach Persona

The final word for this Game is regarding the Coach Persona. This Persona allows you to retrieve your Workers when you have none available in your Personal Supply. The official ruling is that it cannot be used in Game 10. It would be too powerful, when then the other Players have to spend every 3rd turn retrieving their workers. You can check the Charterstone FAQ at the Stonemaier Games website, but don’t scroll down to far, or you might see some Spoilers for the last 2 games.

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