Charterstone Hints & Tips – Game 7

Continued from Charterstone Hints & Tips – Game 6

**This post is an aid for playing a Charterstone Campaign, and is meant to be read after you have played Game 6 but before you play Game 7. In it I may talk candidly about things revealed in the first 6 Games. You have been warned.**

End of Game 6

Hopefully the dice rolls have been favourable during the Game, and it has pushed your VP total up towards earning another Glory. The Player(s) with the most tokens on the Quota Track will have earned, and filled in, a Glory, and someone will have revealed the hidden instructions, and added the village to the Green Gully Map. At the time of writing, there are 6400+ villages already there, so you are in good company.

Your Village was either above or below average, and your Story card was selected, along with the instruction, that the Player with the lowest total Glory was to lose their large Worker. The meeple that formally represented the Player was placed in the Archive, and they received a large Spectral Worker in its place.

Charterstone Spectral Worker

This will give the player with the least amount of Glory a mechanism to catch up, by ostensibly being able to take first place on the Reputation Track, for each game they have the Spectral Worker.

Guidepost Game 7

Charterstone Guidepost 7

And to help out a little more, the goal for Game 7 should be easily achieved by the player with the Spectral Worker.

But there’s also a new fun Temporary Rule for Game 7, which means that every time someone uses a Building in your Charter, the coins and resources that make up the Cost of that Building go to your Personal Supply instead of the General Supply.

New Additions

If you have added any Minions or Extra Card groups during Game 6, please revisit those sections of my earlier posts.

Game 7 Setup

The Game 7 Temporary Rule is something to keep in mind when choosing your Sky Islands, and what Buildings they will cover in your Charter. You might want to minimise the Buildings in your Charter that have Peril, Influence or Advancement Cards as the Cost, in favour of Buildings that have Coin and/or Resource Costs.

Don’t forget to  grab the Bonuses due to the completed rows of Glory, and this should probably be the last time to place a Building in an Inactive Charter.

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