Fan Expansions

Marvel Legendary was the game that really got me into the Board Game hobby. The variability of Masterminds and Schemes, and decks combined of different Villains and Heroes just blew me away. The day after my very first play of the Core Set, I bought the Villains set, and began collecting the expansions. And it didn’t take long from there to find the Variants forum at Board Game Geek to find a whole lot more content to play.

12 months on, and a building drive to create a DC version of the game reached a critical mass, and I began work on DC Gotham Nights. 7 months later I’d completed the 370 card set, and a DC Board.

Batman Common 2
Card design and graphics by Upper Deck, and card art from The New 52 DC Comics, used without license. Buy their games and their comics. It’s all good stuff.

Later that year, Legendary: Buffy the Vampire Slayer was announced, and I had the idea to make a mini expansion from Joss Whedon’s comic, Fray. Melaka Fray is a great character, in a fun setting, with an engaging story. I began working on it, but as happens sometimes, the idea stalled. So much to work on, so many games to play, and a limited number of hours in the day. There’s also the idea of putting in time on something as a fan, that has no commercial aspect. But I’ve decided to complete my half finished projects, and this is one that should be easy straight forward to wrap up.

Erin Fray Uncommon

My thread is called Fray in the variants forum at board game geek, and you can have a look at the start I made 2 years ago. Subscribe to that thread, to be kept informed as this project moves toward completion.

Continued in Fray Expansion – Gunther

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