Wingtip – The First Draft

Continued from Wingtip – Graphic Design

I finished the first draft of the 14 sides of all the bird cards and have combined them with the Player Boards into 2 pages of 9. I’ve learned a bit about creating a PnP since the last one I did, and as the bird cards seemlessly merge together at the edges, I have just placed small cross hatches in the corners, as guides for cutting. These will get clipped off when the corners are rounded.

Wingtip 9 Card Print Out

I printed double sided on my $40 Inkjet, and cut them up with a perspex ruler and roller cutter.

There was a bit of drift between the two sides, but it is good enough for play testing.

And that’s what we are up to now. Will play a few games and get a copy of the rules up, for others to do likewise.

Continued in Wingtip – Open for Play Testing

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